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 Premium Services Hydrobath Rinse Blow Dry Ear and Eye Clean Brush Teeth Clip Nails/Pad Trim Brush Groom Flea and Tick Double Wash Demoult S/M/L
Full Wash & Groom $80/$90/$100+
Full Wash $50/$60/$70+

*Groom Includes Standard Basic Cut/Trim, Face, Feet and Sanitary Area. 

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 Standard Services Hydrobath Rinse Blow Dry Clip Nails/Pad Trim Brush Coat Deshed S/M/L
Demoult $50/$60/$70+
Bath & Tidy $40/$50/$60+

Please Note: An Extra Charge will be applied for Matted Coats @ $10 per 10mins

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 Additional Services Description
Flea and Tick

We Offer a Flea and Tick Bath using Fido’s fre-itch Rinse.

NOTE: The Service is Recommended in Conjunction with Other Vermin Control Measures. We always try to Detect Fleas and Ticks on a Dog Prior to Beginning/Grooming Process, but sometimes it’s impossible to Detect until After the Bath.

 $10 with Any Service

Overgrown/Packed Undercoat

A Dog is Considered Overgrown if they have not been Groomed with-in 12 Weeks of their Last Appointment.

A Packed Undercoat is when a Dogs Undercoat has not been Brushed Out for a long period of time. The Dead Hair is usually Packed in Certain Areas Requiring *Additional Time to Blow and/or Brush Out.


$10 for every 10 Mins.

This service is an optional extra with a wash or groom service.

*Minimum Charge of $10 per 10 Minutes Depending on the Size of the Dog and Type of Coat. 

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